Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I found this on someone's blog, thought it would be fun.

Layers of Me
On the Outside
Name - Laura
Nicknames -Mommy
Birthday - June 29
Birthplace - Lake Co, IL
Eye Color - Brown
Hair Color - black, but dark mahogany thanks to Garneir
Height - 5'4"
Righty or Lefty - righty
Religion - Baptist
Sex - Female

LAYER TWO:In The Inside
Your heritage - French, English, Swedish
Who do you look like - my mom, my paternal half brother
Your weakness - chocolate
Your fears - something happening to my kids or husband
.Your perfect pizza -Everything but black olives or anchovies.
Goal you'd like to achieve - getting my Masters degree

LAYER THREE:Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Your most over-used phrase on AIM - "LOL"
Your thoughts first waking up - Why won't the kids sleep in?
Your best physical feature - my headlights
Your bedtime - 11
Your most missed memory - not getting to know my half siblings until I was 30.

Your pickPepsi or Coke - Pepsi
McDonalds or Burger King - McDonald's
Single or Group Dates - Single
Adidas or Nike - Nike
Chocolate or vanilla - chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee - cappuchino

LAYER FIVE:Do You?Smoke - No
Curse - No
Sing - Yes, one thing I do well
Think you've been in love - yes
Want to get married - I am
Believe in yourself - 1/2 of the time
Motion sickness - yes
Think you're attractive - No
Think you're a health freak - no
Get along with your parents - no
Play an instrument - Yes, violin
LAYER SIX:Have you everSmoked - no
Done a drug - no
Gone to the mall - not today
Eaten and entire box of Oreos - yummy
Eaten sushi - no
Been on stage - Yes
Gone skating - yes
Gone skinny dipping -no
Stolen anything - long ago
Played a game that required removal of clothing - noB
een caught 'doing something' - yes, I have kids and no lock on bedroom door
Been called a tease - no
Gotten beat up - no
Shoplifted - no

Getting Older
Age you hope to be married - Did it at 21
Number and names of children - Garrett 10, Allie 7, Kasey 5, Karris 3
your dream wedding - didn't have it, but it was nice
How do you want to die - Elderly
What do you want to be when you grow up -A midwife
What country would you most like to visit - Australia

In a partner
Best eye color - His are blue
Short or long hair - Short
Height - average
Best articles of clothing - He used to wear 501's , yummy

In the numbers
Number of drugs taken illegally - 0000
Number of CDs that you own - 100
Number of piercings - ears
Number of tattoos - 0
Number of times your name has appeared in the newspaper -8?