Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Still no van

I called the shop this morning and said I would need my van by 5 tonight. At 3:00 they said it would not be done by 5, but tomorrow morning. I can live with that, I just hated to be put off like they were doing. This garage has an independant person do followup phone surveys after service is done, so I will be sure to let them know how I feel. They do quality work and we've used them for years, but come on, 7 days!

I'm working on reorganizing my scrapbooking space. I've gotten my paper reorganized and am working on cleaning up the mess on the office floor. Good grief am I ever a slob at times. At least once it's all done, I can work. I am going to put up some shelves over my work table and may buy a bigger table. That will help alleviate the mess on the table and I'll have more room.

Crochet-wise I've been making adorable sock trims for my girls. Buttons, beads, and scallops. I just have to find a project for ds that's not girly. Poor guy.


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